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Our address:
Tel Giborim 5
Tel Aviv 6810519
Office: +972-3-6248431

This site is owned and operated by Izgut Ltd / Shy Halatzi

Business Cooperations

We are always pleased to hear from high-calibre individuals and companies looking to cooperate in business. We can provide the logisitcal base and marketing channels to bring your products to any corner on the globe fast and efficiently. We are always looking for new suppliers in any field. Currently our main areas of expertise are: Cosmetics, Camping Gear, First Aid, Home & Kitchen Products, Scientific Education. We are looking to expand into Electronics and other areas.


We are happy to cooperate in cross-promotional campaigns with business that have complementary products to ours. Or to advertise at blogs and informational websites which relate to the products we sell.


Employment Opportunities

We are always in need of skilled employees in Israel. You may email us to check for open positions.


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